Cross Over


Last week I had the pleasure of taking part in a fantastic Creative Crossover Lab, produced by Crossover Labs, Faction North and Sheffield Doc/Fest.



This is one of the best events I have ever attended. The mentors and organisers were engaging, relevant, and so helpful. Teamed with an intense programme of tasks, assignments and opportunities, this week long workshop was a phenomenal experience to be a part of.

After receiving a list of bios from the mentors and attendees I was initially terrified as the list of achievements and skills presented were vast and a little intimidating, but minutes after arriving at the venue I was deep in conversation about film, music, and the industry (and a sigh of relief as I discovered that my fellow attendees were human, and equally as intimidated as I was)

The week consisted of talks and tasks from industry professionals who offered compelling stories about how they got where they are today, and invaluable little nuggets of advice on how we can do the same (and again, they were human!)

The assignments set encouraged everyone to work together in small groups and utilise the unique skill sets we all possessed. We were presented with new techniques, advice on how to present our ideas, and encouraged to explore new ideas together in a comfortable accepting environment.

The people I met over the week were a wonderful and creative bunch (although I am sure sanity had no place in that venue for the week) and I am sure these people will be both professional contacts and great friends for the rest of my creative career.

I would strongly recommend that everyone in the creative industries, no matter what stage of your career, should take part in one of these labs. It will change the way you see your own work, that of others, and how you approach every aspect of it in a wonderful new light.

Cross over! It’s mind blowing!


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